Decidedly for Marketing

Traditional marketing emails focus on making offers. But if leads are not interested in the exact offer at that exact time, no conversion takes place. Decidedly puts Smart Actions™ right in your email and can capture the full spectrum of customer sentiment, not to mention significantly higher responses.

chat-2-icon-1Start a Conversation
Do more than just make offers. Give your leads a simple way to communicate back to increase engagement.

stock-illustration-35183780-red-racing-car-flat-illustration-1Drive Sales
Enhance your marketing application’s ability to qualify and deliver sales-ready leads to your sales team.

dashboard-1Net Promoter Score
Embed NPS questions in your email for higher conversion and send it right from your marketing application.

Create surveys with skip logic and embed questions in your email. Sync responses back to your marketing application.

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Decidedly works where you work

Create interactive email templates in Decidedly, then import into your marketing application for your campaigns.






What some of our users say

Decidedly not only gives us a 5x greater response rate than our traditional email campaigns, we get more engaged responses.  And, the ease of use makes Decidedly our go to email app.

Office of Admissions, The Center for Digital Arts

I just used Decidedly to get a survey out to my users and and tested it against wufoo and surveymonkey. I enjoyed almost a 3x greater response rate with Decidedly.

Joe Lemay,

Fast turnaround and excellent support was provided by Decidedly.  In addition to the template, our Account Manager gave us tips on how to optimize our email campaign.  We saw a significant increase in responses using Decidedly.

Donald Long, ShopperTrak