Decidedly for Sales

Did you know most emails are consumed on mobile devices? Make it easy for your customers to respond to you no matter where they are, not a note to respond when they get back to their desk. Decidedly’s Smart Actions™ embed interactive content right in your email and can automatically update Salesforce, not to mention get you more responses, more positive responses, and way faster responses than plain text emails.


Less time waiting. More time selling.

mail-1Get More Replies
Get 2-5x more replies, more positive replies, and way faster replies than plain text emails.

vector-funnel1-1Qualify More Leads
Spend less time waiting to hear from leads who will never buy and more time selling to real customers.

settings-3-icon-1Automate Your Workflows
Automatically update Salesforce, send event reminder emails, and trigger downstream workflows.

ico-9-1Accelerate Your Sales
Increase your contact rate and decrease attempts required to make contact.


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Decidedly turbocharges your email tools





What some of our users say

My experience with Decidedly has been a real breakthrough..more than 5x improvement in my overall response rate!

Cathy Blimberg, TimeTrade

My experience with Decidedly was excellent. I had more than double the number of responses I usually receive!

Victoria Mathieu, athenahealth

Decidedly dramatically increased the number of response emails I got when prospecting and qualifying. My prospects enjoyed the simple way they could respond to me and give me feedback using the calls to action. It saved me a ton of time when customizing emails for each opportunity and made the arduous email work in my … Continue reading Allison Pelle, HubSpot

Allison Pelle, HubSpot

Decidedly is a fantastic resource – it has supplemented my activity and helps prospective clients respond to emails quicker with more detail. I would highly recommend using Decidedly!

Mary Chiecko, Staples